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The Frozen Volume

The history and craftsmanship of snowshoes • The art of Nordic iceskating • Braving the elements for outdoor pursuits • Purpose-led adventures and ice diving • The last equatorial glaciers • The life and culture of Greenland • A lesson in Glaciology • Climate change in the polar regions •


Volume Ten

The Altitudes Volume

The Altitudes Volume explores our innate fascination and appreciation for great heights. It discovers the profound effects precipitous landscapes can have on the human psyche; how they can inspire fear, elation, creativity, and spirituality, and incite bold pursuits and artistic practice. It unearths what we may learn when we push the limits of our human ability and earthly confines, and it observes how feeling small in big places can challenge our perspective on the world and our place in it. It uncovers cultures and communities harboured by the rugged folds of mountainous terrain and shaped by high altitudes, and it reflects on how even in the most trying of environments it is possible to live harmoniously with nature.

Volume Nine

The Wilderness Volume

The Wilderness Volume questions what is wilderness and what is means to be wild. It reflects on how perceptions of wilderness evolve and change – how wilderness has been feared, conquered, and revered. It contemplates how we may embrace our wilder selves and become more in tune with nature. It discovers how creativity and collective vision can create positive change, and how wildlands can inspire and enliven us. It explores spaces shared with other species, and thinks about how we may offer environmental stewardship and protect our last remaining wild places.

Volume Eight

The Journeys Volume

Natural navigation • Hiking pilgrimages • Unchartered waters • Grassroots activism • Rolling homes • Journeys of discovery • Creative Processes • Canoe building • Mountain feats • Migration routes •

Volume Seven

The Natural World Volume

Volume Seven sweeps us away on a journey of inspiring stories and fervent curiosities. This volume hopes to awaken our inner naturalist, taking us into luscious jungles, home oases, and cabinets of curiosities.

Volume Three

The Wood Volume

The Value of Seed Banks • Wilderness Perfumers in Northern California • Korean Hanji Papermaking • Inuit Kayak Building in the Pacific Northwest • Turbulent Times for Forestry in the Bavarian Forest • Charcoal Burning in the British Woodland • The History of the Lumberjack Shirt

Bundle 9, 10 & 11

Bundle 9, 10 & 11

Volumes 9, 10 & 11

This bundle includes The Wilderness Volume, The Altitudes Volume and The Frozen Volume. All volumes have been released and the bundle will be posted out immediately.

Bundle 9 & 10

Bundle 9 & 10

Volumes 9 & 10

Volume Nine, The Wilderness Volume was released in November 2017. 

Volume Ten, The Altitudes Volumewas released in May 2018. 

Bundle 8 & 9

Bundle 8 & 9

Volumes 8 & 9

This subscription includes Volume Eight and Volume Nine of Another Escape. Volume Eight was published in November 2016 and Volume Nine in November 2017.

Bundle 7 & 8

Bundle 7 & 8

Volumes 7 & 8

This subscription includes Volume Seven and Volume Eight, the 2016 editions of Another Escape.

Subscription 11 & 12

Subscription 11 & 12

Volumes 11 & 12

This subscription includes: 

The Frozen Volume (Volume 11) was released on 22nd November 2018

The Water Volume (Volume 12) will be released in May/June 2019

Subscription 11, 12 & 13

Subscription 11, 12 & 13

Volumes 11, 12 & 13

This subscription includes all upcoming volumes of Another Escape: 

The Frozen Volume (Volume 11) was released on the 22nd November 2018

The Water Volume (Volume 12) will be released in May/June 2019

Volume 13 will be released in November 2019

Subscription 12 & 13

Subscription 12 & 13

Volumes 12 & 13

This subscription includes volumes: 

• The Water Volume (Volume 12) will be released in May/June 2019

• Volume 13 will be released in November 2019


Leather Journal

Another Escape X Rural Kind Collaboration

Through our shared values and love of quality craftsmanship and considered design, Another Escape and Rural Kind have teamed up to create a beautifully crafted leather journal. The journals are cut from responsibly-sourced, oak bark tanned leather from a small, centuries-old tannery in Devon, UK, and made in the rural kind studio in rural Wales, where the journal sleeves are punched and burnished by hand and hand-stitched with waxed linen thread.

Volume Six

Winter 2015/16

The Winter volume.

In Volume Six, we wrap up warm and head outdoors to discover stories of passion and perseverance; we look to understand how scenes of snow-laden peaks and majestic mountains have long inspired explorers and artists, how living in challenging terrain can incite considered ways of living, and how pushing past our comfort zones can open up unbounded adventure.


Volume Five

Summer 2015

The Great Outdoors

Adventuring the North American Trails with a Thru-hiker & Trail Specialist • Exploring Norwegian Terrain & the Fjord Region's Heritage & Way of Life • The Story of a Fourth Generation Hiking Boot Maker & His Sought-After Boots • Discussing Creative Entrepreneurship in a New Outdoor Culture • Exploring Sustainable Living in an Ecovillage in Wales & the Marriage of Innovative Green Technology with the Traditional Smallholding Model •

Volume Four

Meteorite Hunting in the Antarctic • Diving the World's Oceans with Luminous creatures • Wandering the Night Garden • Soundworlds of Thriller • Exploring the Cities That Never Sleep

Volume THREE

Limited Edition Cover

The Value of Seed Banks • Wilderness Perfumers in Northern California • Korean Hanji Papermaking • Inuit Kayak Building in the Pacific Northwest • Turbulent Times for Forestry in the Bavarian Forest • Charcoal Burning in the British Woodland • The History of the Lumberjack Shirt


Volume Two

Autumn/Winter 2013

Urban Foraging in London's Green Spaces • Beekeeping on London's Rooftops • A New Generation of Tango Musicians Keep the Music Alive in Buenos Aires • Breathing New Life into Vintage Machinery and Classic Automobilia • Investigating the history of pigments and our relationship with palpable 'colour' • In Conversation with Nick Hand, cyclist and story teller who looks for 'ordinary people who do extraordinary things' •


Volume One

Autumn / Winter 2013

Social Interaction & Urban Innovation Exploring • Understanding the Principals of Permaculture with Britain's Leading Expert • A Trek to Tipi Valley, West Wales, to Understand the Settlement's Residents' Motivations for Living Outside Social Constructs and a Conventional Lifestyle • Innovation in the Kitchen with a Chef Creatively Dealing with Food Waste • Visiting a Houseboat Community and Boat Builder who Builds Houseboats by recycling Old Vehicles


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