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Christmas Delivery Advice & Schedules

Christmas is going to be very different this year. And with many of us around the world asked to stay indoors, more people will be ordering their Christmas gifts online. The pandemic has already put pressure on postal services, so we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible to ensure Another Escape arrives with you before Christmas. 

We'll be sending orders out each day, and for same-day dispatch, please order before 9.30am. We've put together a rough and rather conservative guide of when we suggest you order by to get copies before Christmas. Sadly, this year, we are unable to offer the guarantee of pre-Christmas delivery.

Please note, this is only a guide, and orders will continue to be sent out daily throughout the Christmas period.

Single copies:

UK: 11th Dec
EU: 9th Dec
US: 4th Dec
ROW: 4th Dec


UK: 14th Dec
EU: 14th Dec
US: 11th Dec
ROW: 11th Dec

You may be wondering why the delivery advice is different for single copies and bundles. The reason is that we use two different modes of distribution and different postal services.

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