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Cold-weather Wears

With chilly weather and many people heading to the mountains for some winter fun, we wanted to share a few of the ways our team kept warm whilst creating The Frozen Volume in hopes that it will inspire you to stay active outdoors despite the icy snap. 


As is common knowledge, the art of staying warm (and cool) when outdoors in colder temperatures is all about layering. But it’s important to pay attention to the functionality and quality of those layers so you don’t have “a chink in the armour”. Check out some of the helpful guides online to learn more, like this one and this one.

Whilst out creating content, there were times when we were six layers deep in clothing, and to ensure we wore the right kit, we teamed up with Klättermusen and Rab, who both make high-quality gear designed for the mountains and winter pursuits.




Klättermusen are an incredible company based in Åre, Sweden, that’s been making refined mountaineering equipment since 1975. Combining utility and extreme durability with environmentally considerate designs and materials, Klättermusen supports outdoor enthusiasts through unforgiving weather and unpredictable situations. Admirably, their commitment to creating sustainable equipment with the planet in mind has led to innovations in their product designs.

In Volume Eleven, we spoke with Klättermusen CEO Gonz Ferrero and Head of Product Development Isabelle Malm to better understand the company’s brand story, values and working practices. Hop over to our shop to grab yourself a copy.

We were outfitted with Brage shell jackets and pants and Atle/LIV down jackets. The gear is of outstanding quality, and our favourite piece has to be the down jacket which is made from 100% Recycled Polyamide, fluorocarbon-free, bluesign® approved fabric, with bluesign® approved down that's certified by Responsible Down Standard.

Images above show Rachel Taylor (left), Another Escape editor, and Jody Daunton (right), Another Escape creative director. Rachel is wearing a Klättermusen down jacket and Jody is wearing Klättermusen Brage shell jacket layered with a Klättermusen down jacket paired with Brage shell pants.



Like many established outdoor companies today, Rab had humble beginnings, and was started by Rab Carrington in 1981 from the attic of a small terraced house in Sheffield, UK. We love this British company for their honest, hard-wearing gear made for the mountains and “to awaken the climber in everyone”.

Creative director Jody Daunton's favourite Rab item is his Power Stretch Pro Gloves, which as a photographer allow him to have full dexterity to use his camera equipment but are also lightweight enough to layer with a chunky pair of mittens. Another item we love is the Power Stretch Pro Pants, which work really well in the lower body layering system.


The Review features lifestyle items made with the environment in mind. Through this series, we want to support companies and makers producing well-made, considered products and help consumers make the right choices.

The global fashion industry is one of the world’s largest polluters and it is causing widespread environmental degradation. We believe that we should purchase new items only when necessary and that we should repair and reuse items where possible. By choosing products built to last produced with considered methods, we are voting with our wallets for the world we want to live in.

Proudly supported by our outfitting partner Klättermusen

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