Vol. Three


This volume saw us take a new turn in our editorial direction. We began with a thematic stimulus, a single word, wood, to initiate an investigation into a selection of related narratives – stories of our affinity to the natural world, wood products and the great outdoors.

Our theme evolved and branched out; it led us to find a great breadth of fascinating and passionate people, working in a diverse range of practices and places – from a driftwood kayak builder, to a traditional Korean papermaker, to wilderness-foraging perfumers, to charcoal makers, to bamboo bicycle builders. We sought to produce a closely curated yet varied collection of stories. Where one story ends another begins, picking up and interweaving common threads to draw our readers through the publication.


This volume includes

• The Value of Seed Banks & Seed for our Survival
• The History of the Lumberjack Shirt
• The Art of Hanji, Korean Papermaking
• Wilderness Perfumers in Northern California
• The Vital Role of Fire in the Forest's Ecosystem
• Charcoal Burning in the British Woodland & Understanding the Process of Production
• Turbulent Times for Forestry in the Bavarian Forest & Mother Nature's Autonomy from Human Intervention
• Inspired by Nature, Shaped by Steam - A Bespoke & Individual Approach to Wood-working
• The Gravity of Greenery - Redefining & Rebranding Gardening
• A Renewed Life – On the Verge of a Renaissance in Coppicing
• Inuit Kayak Building in the Pacific Northwest
• Building Bicycles with Bamboo

A Seed for Life

These minute kernels contain much more than the biological coding for a specific species of rare corn or rare banana, they also hold the potential for continued human life.

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Intrepid Waters

Kiliii Yu is multifaceted guy with a unique story; he's a kayaker, a boat-designer, a climber, a professional adventure photographer, a guide for wilderness survival, a trained violinist, and amidst all this he runs own kayak building business.

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Grass Routes

Using a natural material with near ubiquitous growth to construct our much loved bicycles.

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Let Nature Be Nature

Appreciating our forests for the natural wonders that they are. The Bavarian National Park is a living, evolving and ever-changing experiment in woodland management.

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Product Information

120 inside pages, advertisment free
200mm x 265mm
300gsm matte laminate cover
140gsm inside pages
Printed on Edixion Challenger FSC
Euro Eco-label paper

Published in Bristol, UK.
Printed by Taylor Brothers, Bristol, UK.


The Wood Volume— Spring/Summer 2014

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The Value of Seed Banks • Wilderness Perfumers in Northern California • Korean Hanji Papermaking • Inuit Kayak Building in the Pacific Northwest • Turbulent Times for Forestry in the Bavarian Forest • Charcoal Burning in the British Woodland • The History of the Lumberjack Shirt