It’s human nature to gaze up and feel a sense of wonder. Since time immemorial we have envied birds and their ability to fly, so much so that for millennia we fixated on ways to reach the skies. Mountains too have long captured our imagination, dominating skylines with their jagged and gnarled silhouettes, their staunch presence forming powerful monuments in our minds.

This volume explores our innate fascination and appreciation for great heights. It discovers the profound effects precipitous landscapes can have on the human psyche; how they can inspire fear, elation, creativity, and spirituality, and incite bold pursuits and artistic practice. It unearths what we may learn when we push the limits of our human ability and earthly confines, and it observes how feeling small in big places can challenge our perspective on the world and our place in it. It uncovers cultures and communities harboured by the rugged folds of mountainous terrain and shaped by high altitudes, and it reflects on how even in the most trying of environments it is possible to live harmoniously with nature.

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The Altitudes Volume

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The Altitudes Volume uncovers our fascination with height, flight, and all things skyward. It includes stories about mountain running the arduous trails of Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains; the composure, strength and mental endurance needed to perform the exhilarating sport of high-lining; and how pushing the limits of human ability and being creative in wild spaces can teach us some of life’s most valuable lessons. It discovers the cultural significance of mountains and their influence on artistry, spirituality, and the human psyche; the natural wonder of North America’s flyways and the incredible birds that fly them; how we may find comfortability in the backcountry and on mountain terrain; and unique cultures and communities long fostered by their mountain surrounds. This volume’s travel section ventures to the highlands of Ladakh, India, a place rich in history and culture, shaped by the rippling landscapes of some of Central Asia’s great mountain ranges.

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Sky Migrations

Ecologist and filmmaker Charles Post discovers the natural wonder of North America’s flyways and the incredible raptors, or birds of prey, that fly them.

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The Shifting Archetype:

Finding Meaning in Mountains: The cultural significance of mountains and their influence on the human psyche.

Small in Big Places

It can be easy to look at adventure athletes and see only reckless adrenaline junkies. However, Jeff Shapiro, professional athlete in many disciplines, illuminates another side to these thrilling pursuits. He unveils his motivations and inspirations, and explains his journey of pushing limits, being creative in wild spaces, contributing to a nurturing and supportive community, and learning some of life’s most valuable lessons.


Save the Blue Heart of Europe

Over past decades, Europe’s rivers have been choked off, strangled and diverted in the name of renewable energy. The price has been dear, but now we have a chance to save some of the continent’s last remaining wild rivers.

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Learning from Ladakh

Lessons on sustainability, food sovereignty, and maintaining a healthy and entwined relationship with the land and nature.

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The High Life

The composure, strength and mental endurance needed to perform the exhilarating sport of highlining.