What is wilderness? Maybe it’s the raw, untameable nature found in rugged expanses of remote regions, or sprawling landscapes abundant in wildlife and unhindered by the man-made intrusions. It may be our cabins in the woods, or even found within the confines of our back gardens. Or perhaps it is something much deeper: that exhilarating and intangible sense of being unbound from our modern constructs, tied instead to our environment and at the mercy of the natural world.

This volume reflects on how perceptions of wilderness evolve and change – how wilderness has been feared, conquered, and revered. It contemplates how we may embrace our wilder selves and become more in tune with nature. It discovers how creativity and collective vision can create positive change, and how wildlands can inspire and enliven us. It explores spaces shared with other species, and thinks about how we may offer environmental stewardship and protect our last remaining wild places.

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The Wilderness Volume


The Wilderness Volume tells stories of a cabin builder in the Pacific Northwest, a digital nomad favouring the forest over bricks and mortar, mule packing into the wilderness of Montana, and a printmaker who draws inspiration from her woodland surrounds and her deep connection to nature. It features an essay on the problems and necessities of separating humans from wilderness, an article on authentic ways to reconnect with our innate sensibilities and feel inherently more wild, and a long-read that investigates just how untouched our wild places really are and how palaeoecology holds the key to finding out. Our travel section focusses on the the wilds of Romania and the country’s ancient forests that teem with wildlife and sprawl over the mountainous terrain of the Carpathian Mountains. This incredible wilderness stronghold and its unique dynamic with humans is a rarity for our heavily developed continent, and it is because of this that we wanted to share and celebrate some of the stories of passion, preservation and conservation from this bosky country. To create them, we teamed up with the Association of Ecotourism in Romania (AER), an organisation doing groundbreaking work to bring together the public and the private sector in a partnership for nature conservation and sustainable tourism development in Romania.

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Boundary Thoughts

What is it that makes something wild? Brendan Buzzard explores the concept of wilderness as a critical refuge in an increasingly human-dominated world.

Chop Wood, Carry Water

Living in a cabin in the woods can be thrilling. But often this way of life can be over-romanticised. Jacob Witzling Hamby reflects on the wonders and frustrations of this way of life.

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A Window to the Past

Wilderness is typically understood as an area devoid of humans or their influence. But really, how wild are these places? Are they as untouched as we tend to believe?


Of Men & Mules

Mule packing in Montana with Chris Eyer. A tale of heart and hooves and wild places.

Brothers by Nature

Inspired by their time spent outdoors, two brothers, Ed and James Harrison, one a graphic designer, the other a printmaker, have teamed up to produce Under the Skin, a project that reflects their love for the natural world and their passion for environmental stewardship.

The Wilds of Carpathia

Christoph and Barbara Promberger are the brains behind one of the most ambitious rewilding projects in Europe. Their vision is to create a wilderness reserve in the heart of the Southern Carpathians; but furthermore, they hope to energise and engage Romanian society in the celebration and conservation of this beautiful country.