Taking the time for meaningful moments of observation and appreciation can cultivate the inquiring mind of a naturalist, like that of those who have taught us so much about the world around us. Our curious minds enable us to peer into other worlds and open up new possibilities. Curiosity can transform unremarkable events into fulfilling experiences and inspire new ways of seeing; it can draw us off the beaten path and onto great adventures, and simply make life more thrilling.

This volume hopes to awaken our inner naturalist by taking us into luscious jungles, home oases, and cabinets of curiosities. Volume Seven is inspired by both those who find wonder in the minute and the colossal, by those who are awed by tiny organisms, relics of the past, large swathes of forest, and the company of plants. We celebrate nature and its incredible breadth of diversity, and explore how it captures the imaginations of naturalists both past and present. We meet with people whose ambition is to harmoniously live alongside the natural world and empower others to see the value of its assets and share in its adventurous offerings.

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The Natural World Volume


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The Plant Thief

A clandestine world of plant hunters, orchid thieves, and a green-fingered black market in which people risk their freedom to possess some of the world’s most endangered species.

Trees for Life

Longstanding project in the Scottish Highlands Trees for Life is creating positive change through practical action. In a mission to re-establish the nearly-lost Caledonian Forest, they mobilise concerned individuals to help rebuild the pinewood landscapes of Scotland.

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Vestiges of the Past

Professional fossil hunter John Morris has dedicated his life's work to finding and restoring fossils – fascinating windows into primitive life on Earth.

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A Primeval Rainforest

As the sun rises and sets over Borneo's ancient rainforests, plants and animals come alive in a stately procession that is nothing short of spectacular.

Terra Incognita

For William Milliken, botanical collecting is not just about the remarkable experiences or the thrill of finding new species in unexplored territories, but also the potential of unearthing important knowledge that can help build a sustainable future.

Our Oases

We visit the green interior spaces of four urbanites who have created their own home oases. They chat about how indoor greenery can foster creativity and positive well-being, and how plants bring energy and vitality into their living and working spaces.