Water is fundamental to life. We came from water, our bodies are made up of water, and our survival depends on water. We are intrinsically connected to it. We are drawn to it. We feel good by it, on it, in it. We relish its coolness on our skin as it holds us and washes away our worries. Water invigorates us and makes us feel alive.

This volume shares in the lives of those deeply connected to water. It uncovers the restorative power of diving in, and it slips into worlds beneath the waves. It explores how experiences in water can inspire creative practice, and it ruminates on the pressures felt by aquatic species and the deep blue. It encourages us to think holistically about the health of our rivers, lakes and oceans and that of ourselves, and it champions those making a stand so that we may also feel inspired to become guardians of our planet’s watery places.

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The Water Volume

The Water Volume Digital Cover

The Water Volume explores our human connection to water. It dives into underwater worlds and experiences impactful encounters with marine life; it uncovers a yearning for cold, curative waters to provide balance, clarity and space for creativity; and it learns how artistic media can encourage meaningful discussion on ocean conservation. It questions whether we are losing sight of the importance of our planet’s rivers and oceans and our connection with them, and it stresses the need to act now if we are to save sensitive marine ecosystems. It celebrates those giving a voice to the world’s watery places and how positive ocean experience can foster a powerful generation of ocean guardians.

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A Journey Downstream

Our planet’s rivers and oceans have played a crucial role in the success of human societies, past and present. But in an age of climate change and runaway consumption, are we losing sight of their importance? Geographer and passionate fly fisher Tom Roland uses the journey of migratory fish to illustrate the importance of our connection with these watery places.

The World Beneath the Waves

Using positive ocean experience to foster a new and powerful generation of ocean guardians.

One Breath: The Lure of the Deep

Marine ecologist and freediving photographer James Monnington uses his underwater practice to poetically craft ethereal imagery that invites viewers into the watery worlds he explores. Freediving enables James to capture the magic of the ocean and the species that live there to communicate their beauty and diversity, from far-flung places to the coastal waters of the UK.

James Monnington DI 14

Restoring Reefs

Gaining insight into coral reef dynamics and the desperate need to act now if we are to save these sensitive marine ecosystems.

Still Waters Run Deep

Introduced to outdoor swimming by her mother, Vivienne Rickman-Poole took to the water at a very young age. Swimming forms one of the most important parts of her life, providing her with balance, clarity and space for creativity, and today she merges her artistic practice with her calling to be in the water.

Bold Coast Burns

Dylan Stewart is a pyrography artist and spearfisher based on the rugged, rocky coast of Maine, USA. He spends his days either with a blowtorch in hand working on woodburning projects or submerged underwater freediving. His painstakingly crafted artworks focus on the species he encounters on his dives and aim to inspire a curiosity for marine life and ocean stewardship.