There are few landscapes as raw, fragile and compelling as the silent, snow-laden horizons of our polar and mountainous wildernesses.

This volume steps out and embraces the cold. It discovers how extreme conditions can foster community, unity and togetherness, and how our passion for outdoor pursuits can empower us to face the elements. It uncovers the resilience and ingenuity of communities that have prevailed in some of the planet’s most hostile environments, and how living in these enchanting yet unforgiving places has shaped their worldview. It explores the threats faced by frozen landscapes around the globe as the impacts of climate change become increasingly evident, and, crucially, this volume celebrates these unique icy regions in the hope that we may feel driven to preserve them for future generations.

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The Frozen Volume


The Frozen Volume includes stories about thrilling outdoor pursuits, from Nordic skating on the vast and numerous lakes of Sweden, to dogsledding across frozen fjords and into wild snow-cloaked mountains, to braving the cold, paddling out and surfing in arctic waters. It features one man’s adventure to collect the world’s most comprehensive collection of snowshoes and his attempt to preserve the dying art of traditional snowshoe making; and one woman’s commitment to enduring the seasons and tending a weather station in the remote wilds of Iceland. It learns lessons in glaciology, discusses our complex relationship with our planet’s changing climate, and uncovers the plight of equatorial glaciers. This volume’s travel section ventures to the frigid coast of Greenland, a landmass dominated by ice and home to a culture founded on spirituality and traditional technologies.

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The Last of the Snowshoe Makers

Bill Mackowski travelled the breadth of northern North America to meet with scores of craftspeople and collect the most detailed and comprehensive collection of snowshoes in the world. Realising that the craft of traditional snowshoe making was disappearing, he set out on a quest to preserve what he could before the knowledge was lost forever.

The Great Retreat

Ice has played a central role in the history of our planet, influencing its climate and sculpting its surface for millions of years. For many, glacial retreat and ice sheet break up represent canaries in the coal mine of climate change, but the impacts have the potential to be far more tangible and widespread than many realise.

The Adventure Race

Dubbed the toughest in the world, cross-country ski race the Arctic Circle Race takes participants 160 kilometres through the snow-capped mountains of West Greenland. But beyond the hardship of the competition is a story of community, unity, and togetherness.


Into the Backcountry

A journey over frozen fjords and into snow-draped mountains, using technology and knowledge that’s long been integral to the Inuit way of life in Greenland, with dog musher Stella Davidsen Olsen.

Dissonance in the Wilderness: When Memory and Reality Collide

There are few things we take away from our outdoor adventures as precious as memories. They fuel our nostalgia and compel us to go back for more. But memory is complex and fickle. How does its selective nature frame our relationship with the outdoors?

Under the Ice

Following his expedition 1,000 kilometres across the Canadian Arctic, diver and adventurer Alban Michon shares his story and thoughts on the responsibilities of a modern-day explorer, the value of being alone and learning to understand oneself, and the beguiling and beautiful worlds, both underwater and on the pack ice, of the Arctic.