Vol. Seven

The Natural World

"An understanding of the natural world and what's in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment"

– Sir David Attenborough

Taking the time for meaningful moments of observation and appreciation can cultivate the inquiring mind of a naturalist, like that of those who have taught us so much about the world around us. Our curious minds enable us to peer into other worlds and open up new possibilities. Curiosity can transform unremarkable events into fulfilling experiences and inspire new ways of seeing; it can draw us off the beaten path and onto great adventures, and simply make life more thrilling.

This volume hopes to awaken our inner naturalist by taking us into luscious jungles, home oases, and cabinets of curiosities. Volume Seven is inspired by both those who find wonder in the minute and the colossal, by those who are awed by tiny organisms, relics of the past, large swathes of forest, and the company of plants. We celebrate nature and its incredible breadth of diversity, and explore how it captures the imaginations of naturalists both past and present. We meet with people whose ambition is to harmoniously live alongside the natural world and empower others to see the value of its assets and share in its adventurous offerings.

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This volume includes

• A window into a green-fingered blackmarket
• Plant hunting and botanical collecting in remote jungles
• Trekking into the wilds of Borneo's rainforests and exploring their unique ecosystems
• Learning of one woman's ambition to help the plight of the orangutan
• The passionate story behind the restoration of the Caledonian forest in the Scottish Highlands
• Understanding four urbanites relationship with plantlife and how interior green spaces can draw them closer to nature
• The efforts of a native community in rural Borneo who are creating a project to preserve nature and celebrate their culture
• The fascinating story of Alfred Russel Wallace and his time in the Malay Archipelago
• The dedication and skill of a professional fossil hunter and restorer
• A discussion on the importance of curiosity


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144 inside pages
200mm x 265mm
300gsm matte laminate cover
120gsm inside pages
Printed on Edixion Challenger FSC
Euro Eco-label paper

Published in Bristol, UK.


The Natural World Volume— Summer 2016

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Volume Seven, The Natural World volume, sweeps us away on a journey of inspiring stories and fervent curiosities. This volume hopes to awaken our inner naturalist, taking us into luscious jungles, home oases, and cabinets of curiosities.