To create Another Escape, we work together with select partners who share in our values. The support of these companies and organisations has helped enable us to continue to create great content and publish Another Escape.



Patagonia has been our publishing partner since 2016, and in each volume we feature a story on one of the many environmental and social initiatives Patagonia supports through their 1% For The Planet pledge. We are proud to be partnered with a brand that upholds such strong values, and it is because of Patagonia's continued support that Another Escape has been able to grow as a business.


Established in 1975 to combine utility and extreme durability with environmentally considerate designs and materials, Klättermusen supports outdoor enthusiasts through unforgiving weather and unpredictable situations. Rigorously tested in real-world conditions and constructed to last, Klättermusen’s products embody their commitment to creating the best and most sustainable equipment possible. Klättermusen were our outfitting partner for The Frozen Volume.


Strong visual storytelling has always been a part of Another Escape, and over the years Sigma has helped us achieve our vision through their support. Sigma is a family owned-manufacturer of cameras and lenses dedicated to innovation and quality.

Association of Ecotourism in Romania

To create The Wilderness Volume's travel section, we teamed up with the Association of Ecotourism in Romania (AER), an organisation doing groundbreaking work to bring together the public and the private sector in a partnership for nature conservation and sustainable tourism development in Romania. AER’s ambition is to promote and support small ecotourism initiatives and develop local communities and their infrastructure to become ecotourism destinations in a responsible way. For responsible travel in Romania, visit AER’s website and discover more about their partners and how you can become a part of their vision to draw rural development and conservation together.


To create The Altitudes Volume's travel section on Ladakh, India, we collaborated with Kamalan, a cultural agency that curates immersive journeys to India. In addition to crafting bespoke itineraries for travellers, Kamalan offers immersive workshops for those who seek to delve deeply into specific aspects of Indian culture, and production expertise for brands, publications and cultural institutions who seek to create compelling content in India.

Sticky Rice Travel

To create The Natural World Volume's travel section, we partnered with Sticky Rice Travel, a responsible travel company operating in Malaysian Borneo. They create meaningful adventures and travel experiences whilst staying committed to environmental conservation and the preservation of local communities and their cultures.

Visit Greenland

To create The Frozen Volume's travel section, we partnered with Visit Greenland.

Visit Faroe Islands

To create The Journeys Volume's travel section, we partnered with Visit Faroe Islands.

Visit Norway

To create The Great Outdoors Volume's travel section, we partnered with Visit Norway.