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The Winter Volume


As the land begins to glisten and turn white with the changing season, our natural inclination is to slink into hibernation. This volume encourages the embrace of these natural rhythms – the slowing down and savouring of moments – but without retreating from our intrinsic relationship with the natural world. We wrap up warm and head outdoors to discover stories of passion and perseverance; we look to understand how scenes of snow-laden peaks and majestic mountains have long inspired explorers and artists, how living in challenging terrain can incite considered ways of living, and how pushing past our comfort zones can open up unbounded adventure.

This volume is inspired by those who, in the chilly fold of winter, have found creativity, innovation and respect for nature; it unearths the personal narratives of those who have carved out their own path and pedalled against convention to do something meaningful, from a spirited entrepreneur changing the face of the British wool industry, to a talented craftsman keeping old woodworking processes alive through his love for the mountains and passion for fine woodworking, to an artist and cartographer who believes that the pencil and paintbrush remain the best tools to produce effective and experiential maps.

For each of us the wintertime presents a unique experience, but largely we can all relate to those special moments it brings: the warm rewards of returning home after time spent outdoors; the heat of an open fire shared in good company with hearty foods; an appreciation for the season's natural phenomena, whether that be delicate snowflakes idly falling from white-filled skies or fierce storms lashing the landscape.

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