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Another Escape is an independent media company championing outdoor lifestyle, environmental stewardship and regenerative living. We encourage people to connect with the natural world in meaningful ways so they may become active stewards of our planet.

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journal / The Edit

Wild Swimming, Conscious Living, Adventures That Matter

The Edit is Another Escape's regular mail out of inspiration!

Teva Shoes France Newsletter Finals 2 Of 2
Teva Shoes France Newsletter Finals 1 Of 2

Gear: Teva

Another Escape's editor, Rachel Taylor's love affair with Teva began with their original sandals, dubbed her "adventure sandals". But on a recent trip to France, Rachel traded her heavy-duty hiking boots for Teva's Arrowood Lux shoes... and loved them too! "The first thing to say about them is how lightweight and comfortable they are. They are also waterproof, although admittedly, apart from morning dew, I didn't get the opportunity to really put this to the test. Notably though, these shoes look great and are versatile. After wearing them for several daytime adventures, I decided to really put them to the test on a 7-hour overnight hike in the French Alps. All in all, they performed really well – although at times I would have liked a little more grip for the downhill. Despite not being a serious trail shoe, these "adventure sneakers" are great for summertime explorations and travel, and are the perfect choice when you feel a hiking boot is too much and a regular trainer shoe isn't enough."

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Lifestyle product: Savon Stories

There are so many reasons why we love Savon Stories. Firstly, their bar soaps and shampoos have no plastic packaging – perfect for those looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Secondly, the soaps are crafted from natural and organic ingredients, which means no petrochemicals in their products and no pesticides used in the growing of the ingredients – which makes for a lower carbon footprint and a healthier body and environment. Thirdly, we love the underlying values of this family-run business based in Surrey, UK. They believe in a balanced life that values rich and raw botanicals kept as close to their natural state to retain their nutrition, purity and trueness. Savon Stories' brand narrative pays homage to founder Moute's grandfather and his approach to life: "Tall, generous and mild-tempered, he lived on a simple farmer's diet of fresh, raw foods, in small portions. It was this combination of genuine character and minimal consumption that we believe was his secret to a long life. The family call it 'raw minimalism': to nurture the best of good green earth and be rich with less than more."

Product image by Dean Hearne, The Future Kept store.


Book: Swim Wild: Dive into the natural world and discover your inner adventurer

Brothers Jack, Calum and Robbie have been swimming together their whole lives, and have never lost the sense of wonder, excitement and relief that getting in open water can bring. In this book, we learn about their swimming feats, from tackling the 145km River Eden to setting the world record for swimming in the Arctic. They take us through their preparation for these expeditions, including sourcing wild spots in the heart of sprawling cities in which to train. They document the challenges they encounter and the successes often achieved in the most unexpected ways. And with everything they've learned, they give tips for those wanting to take on their own aquatic foray, whether a beginner or a seasoned swimmer. This book will show people of all ages how they too can take part in open water swimming and reconnect with the natural world around them.

At Another Escape, we love following the escapades of the Wild Swimming Brothers, so much so that we featured them in The Journeys Volume. Go check out their feature and also this new book written by youngest brother, Jack Hudson.

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Lifestyle Product: Beeswax Wraps

This is another item we've included in this edition of The Edit that inspires a more considered way of life. Curbing single-use plastics is getting pretty high on the social agenda, and for our planet's sake it is something that we should all individually be looking to tackle in our own lives. Cling film and sandwich bags have become a staple in many households. But there are alternatives. Like Beeswax Wraps, reusable cotton wraps coated in pine resin, jojoba oil and beeswax harvested by a local beekeeper only ten minutes from the UK-based workspace where the wraps are made.

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